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i effin love college [ its Thursday

September 27th, 2:46pm...WHO CARES]
seriously. im sitting here right now outside on this sepetember afternoon at a white round table on campus in the courtyard. theres green bushes and green trees and green grass; and a little bird twittering about. a low constanst noise of kids walking past, muffled by the music of dave matthews in my ears. here i sit, typing away on my laptop, studing for an exam, with my phone, purse, and backpack at my side. theres an ever so slight breeze. the sun is peaking out through the clouds on this cool day. and everything is just chill. i fucken love college.
imabouttosee2things i'veneverseenbefore

[ its Sunday

October 29th, 11:44am...WHO CARES]
hi wish list =)

So.... my birthdays awefully soon. And yes, I have a wishlist. And yes, I shall expect gifts ^-^. But good news!! This list is for the bday, and xmas. So plan accordingly =) And this list is for the fam as well...i dont expect anyone to get me a printer...but maybe ink? =)

*cash money


*colour printer

*day spa pass


*black hair dye

*red lobster gift certificate


*bathroom towels (bright colours, im not picky)


*shirts (L)

*gift certificats: borders, vitamin world, dicks, tops, wegsmans, gas stations, autozone, walmart, target, etc

*coupons!!! for anything really...laundry detergent, makeup, food, toothpaste....preferably ones that dont expire in a day =)

*anything yall think i could use in a new apartment..or for school, for my car..pratical stuff! like qtips would make my day ^-^

the birthday extravaganza is still under planning, BUT, please clear off anything you have planned for NOVEMEBER 18TH. that is the date something will happen...we're (we, as in dustin andyrew and i) not sure where or how..but it will be awesome
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but hey i dont blame anyone [ its Wednesday

July 26th, 12:12am...WHO CARES]
fuck u fucken sympathy case.

[ its Wednesday

July 5th, 8:42pm...WHO CARES]
hey grad party at my house july 29th 4pm be there

[ its Friday

December 9th, 2:55pm...WHO CARES]
Friends cut. Sorry

[ its Wednesday

June 30th, 8:55pm...WHO CARES]
Comment to be added.
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